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In/External Wall Finishing Materials [Vancouver]
Company : Daebo Housing Co.Ltd.
Website :
Description : Internal/External Wall Finishing
Plaster and Panel System
-Daebo Stone (Spray, Trowel)
-Dry Coat & Mortar(Trowel)
-Dry Magic (Spra..
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Plastic flower pots [Vancouver]
Company : Gumsung Plastic
Website :
Description : As the horticultural industry began to develop in Korea in the 1980s, Gum Sung Plastic (GS Plastic) has produced flower pots and became the leading manufacturer in Korea.
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breakers, fuse cutouts, etc [Vancouver]
Company : Joongwon Corporation
Website :
Description : Manufacturer and exporter of cutout switch, fuse, high tension breaker, etching, load break switch(LBS), etc
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Valve [Vancouver]
Company : Ace Valve
Website :
Description : Butterfly Valve
Ball ValveGate Valve
Globe Valve
Check Valve
Cryogenic Valve
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transformer [Vancouver]
Company : HanChang Trans
Website :
Description : Pole mounted transformer (single and three phase)
- Pad mounted transformer (300KVA~7500KVA, 11KV, 22KV, 34KV)
- Substation transformer..
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tank farms, field erection [Vancouver]
Company : SamJin Industrial Canada
Website :
Description : tank farms, field erection services
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packaging [Vancouver]
Company : Yuha Printing & Packaging
Website :
Description : Established in 1961, Yuha has contributed to the packaging industry for 50 years.
Yuha spared every efforts to develop technologies that particularly meet the de..
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LED Floodlights and driver module [Vancouver]
Company : Yuyang DNU
Website :
Description : [ LED Driver Module ]
- An essential element to a LED Optical character control and an applied system composition
- Possesses the function of a consta..
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fittings, valve [Vancouver]
Company : BMT
Website :
Description : BMT Co.,Ltd. are high precision mechanical components manufacturer specialized in the field of Automotive, Aerospace, Semiconductor, Shipbuilding and Petrochemical I..
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fresh produce [Vancouver]
Company : EverGood Co. Ltd.
Website :
Description : 1. Pears available from September to November
- Shingo
- Golden
- WonHwang

2. Perssimon available from November to January
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