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Snacks, Noodles, etc. [Vancouver]
Company : NSGTL
Website :
Description : 1) Fresh Agricultural Products
2) Snacks
3) Noodles
4) Sauces
5) Value-added Products
and others upon request
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Digital Incubator [Vancouver]
Company : Autoelex Co., Ltd
Website :
Description : Brand: Rcom

Profile: Established in 1991, expanded its market to 35 countries as \"Rcom brooders\"

Offers variety of incubators
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Sauces [Vancouver]
Company : Mimi Food
Website :
Description : Since 1983, the company has been supplying their various sauces, RTE products as their own brands / OEMs to major distributors and restaurants, all made in their HA..
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Livingware / Kitcheware / 3D Filament [Vancouver]
Company : SM Best
Website :
Description : Founded on the philosophy to work for the environment and people, SMBEST Pvt. Ltd. develops and produces various eco-friendly plastic materials and products.
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Kitcheware, Gifts, Stationery, and etc. [Vancouver]
Company : AT Goods
Website :
Description : Product Range:
1. Houseware & Kitchenware
2. Cosmetics & Beauty Goods
3. Office Supplies and Stationery
4. Korean Crafts and Gift items<..
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MMA/CMMA Solid Surface [Vancouver]
Company : World BMC - CMMA Corporation
Website :
Description : -CMMA Solid Surface (Acrylic & Polyester)
-Island Top Table
-100% Pure Acrylic Solid Surface
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Roasted Seaweed [Vancouver]
Company : KC Kim
Website :
Description : 40 years of consistently paving ways for innovation and excellence revolutionized the world\'s seaweed market. They have HACCP, ISSO22000 certified factories who are..
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Footwears [Vancouver]
Company : JR Corp., Ltd
Website :
Description : Offers variety of footwears:
-Business walker shoes
-Sandals (Men/Women)

Core Business:
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Dental Supplies (Flowable Composites, Composites, Core Build Up, Impressive) [Vancouver]
Company : Spident
Website :
Description : With 30 years of technical know-how and experience, Spident has been supplying high quality dental supplies to dentist and dental supply companies around the world. They..
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Industrial Heat Trace Systems [Vancouver]
Company : Fine Korea Co,. Ltd
Website :
Description : Comprehensive range of Self Regulationg Heating Cable (SRHC) for:
1) Frozen Protection
2) Snow Melting and De-Icing
3) Floor Warming
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