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Construction Equipment Fabrication Parts [Vancouver]
Company : KunHwa
Website :
Description : Construction Equipment Fabrication Parts
-Excavator, Upper/Lower Frames, Bucket, Arm
*OEM Supplier to Global Major Brands

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Process Valves [Vancouver]
Company : DongKang Metal
Website :
Description : *CRN Approved for BC, AB provinces
Main Products: Forged Steel Valves (Gate, Glove, Needle, Lift & Swing, Ball, Strainer, Bellows Seal, Angle, Water S..
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Globe Control Valve [Vancouver]
Company : KOPECS
Website :
Description : Globe Control Valves

Valve Sizes ranging from 1/2\"-20\" in pressure classes 150-600, 900-1500, 2500, 3000, 4500
-Higher Flow Capaciti..
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Flanges, Nozzles, Tube Sheets, Orifice Plates [Vancouver]
Company : KJF
Website :
Description : Professional fabricator of parts for the Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchangers
-CRN Approved all across Canada

Special Items- Gear Shaft, Drum Co..
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Aluminum Composite Panels (ACM) [Vancouver]
Company : Unience
Website :
Description : Alfrex (Metal Composite Material)
Fire Rated - Halogen Free
- Reduces the smoke emission to the minimum
- No Emiss..
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Curtain Walls [Vancouver]
Company : Eagon Windows and Doors
Website :
Description : Curtain Wall System
-Multi-layered thermal bridge line
-Thermally broken glazing pocket
-Multi-chamber isolater and special insulation foam
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OPS Shrink Film [Vancouver]
Company : J & A Global
Website :
Description : Smart Packing Ideas:
This groundbreaking material can only be manufactured in a small number of countries including Japan, France, and South Korea.
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Soft Metal Block -Sintering System [Vancouver]
Company : Denstar Co., Ltd
Website :
Description : Features:
1) No harm to the human body
-Soft Metal is consist with 100$ pure Chrome Cobalt alloy powder and The Cr-Co alloy is very safe material which..
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Carbon Fiber Heating System (Pads) [Vancouver]
Company : Jisan Apparel - DdaSoom
Website :
Description : Ddasoom Branch of Jisan Apparel\'s innovative carbon fiber heating system (PATENTED) certainly differs from the previously introduced carbon fiber products in the m..
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Aloe Drinks [Vancouver]
Company : OKF
Website :
Description : OKF is a world leader premium beverage manufacturer,
which has produced approximately 750 types of drinks
and has exported to 160 countries
in A..
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